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Manufacturing Disputes

Manufacturing is one of the most expensive processes that form part of a contract for the supply or goods. The manufacturing machinery is a capital expense of your business, the process and time taken to manufacture is a key detail in any contract for your purchaser and ensuring quality is the key basis of the goodwill of your business.

Kuits Construction and Engineering Disputes Team understand all this. A failure of any component of the manufacture supply process can be disastrous. Failure of machinery or quality control of the goods can have a severe impact on your business’ profits and may affect multiple contracts you have.

Manufacturing Disputes can arise from:

  • Delays in manufacture
  • Failure of machinery or parts for machinery supplied
  • Inadequate repairs or commissioning of machinery
  • There may be defects in the goods manufactured or poor-quality control
  • Delay or failure to make payment and/or retention of title arguments

Kuits Construction and Engineering Disputes Team understand the impact and its high-calibre solicitors are prepared to immerse themselves into understanding your building to bring about the best resolution possible.

We have experience disputes arising from manufacturing agreements such as:

  • Private label manufacturing – where a manufacturer produces the finished product and delivers it to purchaser for its business sales
  • Individual component manufacturing – where the manufacturer produces one component which is delivered to the purchaser, who then uses the manufactured component in its own manufacture process or assembles with other components into the final product
  • Labor or service subcontracting – similar to individual component manufacturing, a specific component of the finished product is sub-contracted to be manufactured and assembled by the purchaser.
  • End-to-end manufacturing – where the manufacturer not only manufactures the product and supplies it, the manufacturer importantly optimises the product design, and development for manufacture to ensure streamlined and cost effective manufacturer.

We understand the types of contracts that can be impacted and work through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Pre-Action Protocols to enable all aspects of the issues to be explored be narrowed and aim to be resolved without the need to commence Court proceedings.

Where Court proceedings are necessary or have been commenced against your business we use Expert’s in the industry sector to provide Expert Reports and aim to understand every aspect of the manufacture process with detail to enable issues to be presented to the Court in an efficient and cost effective way.

If you require any assistance in relation to these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 832 3434 or by completing our online enquiry form here.


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