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How to stay well during a divorce

How to stay well during a divorce

30th November 2020 - Published by Kuits family team

To mark Resolution’s “Good Divorce Week”, Associate Solicitor, Accredited Specialist and Manchester Resolution Committee member Madelaine Hailey shares her thoughts on staying well during a divorce.

It is widely stated that divorce is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. This can be the case whether you are the person instigating the divorce or if it has taken you by surprise, and regardless of whether your post-divorce relationship is amicable or acrimonious. There are a number of ways to look after yourself and your family during this difficult time:

Reach out to friends

When a relationship ends you will probably find that the person you would regularly de-brief to after a stressful day, and share your hopes and fears with, is no longer available in the same way. Make a point of using this time to engage regularly with friends and family and to maintain emotional connections. Even during lockdown, there are many options for keeping in touch. Consider trying a virtual escape room for something fun and distracting – a great option if you are bored of quizzes!

Explore nature

Getting out into the great outdoors is known to be good for our mental health. Take a walk and try to notice things you wouldn’t ordinarily pay attention to – the changing colours of the leaves, the sounds you can hear. If the weather is truly awful and let’s face it, Manchester is known for its rain, invest in some indoor plants for a piece of nature indoors.


Another way to keep on top of your emotional wellbeing is regular exercise. You don’t need to become an Olympic level athlete to reap the benefits. A gentle online yoga class will bring immediate benefits and of course, Joe Wicks is back for lockdown 2.0.

Seek advice

Divorce is a huge change emotionally and there are practical, financial and legal implications as well.  If you are uncertain of the process, or your rights and your responsibilities during a divorce, taking early legal advice can be hugely beneficial. You can use the Resolution website to find a family lawyer who is committed to resolving things constructively, such as the Family team at Kuits.

If you are finding your divorce particularly stressful, a Divorce Coach could be a good option. They will support you through the process and help to instil self-confidence. This is also a good time to get on top of your financial planning and engage with an Independent Financial Advisor.

Be kind to yourself, and your children

Your inner critic may be your harshest critic and in that case, this tip is for you. Divorce is an inherently difficult time and whatever your resolve, you will probably find yourself struggling at some stage in the process. Acknowledge your feelings and take care of yourself. Likewise, be patient with any children involved – they are also going through a life changing event. They will often show emotional upset by a change in behaviour which can become challenging. This is really difficult for a parent who is already struggling themselves. Again, recognise where their behaviour is coming from and acknowledge their feelings. Be kind to yourself and each other and remember – there is life after divorce.

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