Probate Disputes

Trustees, Executors and Beneficiaries Disputes

Executors and Trustees have a duty to all the Beneficiaries under a Will or Trust to administer the Deceased’s estate or Trust property with due dil...

Incorrect, lost or destroyed will

Incorrect, Lost or Destroyed Wills

Changing a Will before death A Will can be changed by either making a new Will or Codicil to an exis...

Will disputes

Will Disputes

It is important that any action to contest a Will is taken quickly following the passing of the Dece...

Probate Disputes

Expert advice and practical support in disputes relating to Inheritance, Trust and Will disputes.

Disputed Wills and Contentious Probate

Kuits’ contentious probate team recently met a client whose stepmother had died. She was disgruntl...

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