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Managing child arrangements during lockdown

Managing child arrangements during lockdown

6th May 2020 - Published by Kuits family team

Managing the arrangements for your children safely and in compliance with emergency legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging.  We would urge parents to try to resolve their disputes in a calm, child-focussed manner, taking into account the individual circumstances of your family unit.

Government guidance expressly states that children may move between their parents’ homes during lockdown – effectively isolating/distancing between two households.  If there is a Child Arrangements Order in place, the order remains in force during lockdown and the arrangements should not be unilaterally stopped or changed by one parent.

The courts have been quick to criticise parents who are intending to take advantage of the ongoing situation to frustrate Child Arrangements Orders, or otherwise agreed contact.  It should not be seen as an easy or legitimate way to make changes to a regime that you are not happy with.

However, there may be some circumstances where safety and common sense requires a temporary change to a child’s living and/or contact arrangements.  This may include where one family member has been advised to shield.

Any changes that are made to your child’s living and contact arrangements during the pandemic should be temporary.  They should be made with the best interests of your child, and all family members’ safety, at heart.

If you are unable to agree appropriate arrangements with your child’s other parent, speak to family law expert Madelaine Hailey on 0161 838 7824 or by emailing

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