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How will Brexit affect grant-funded projects?

How will Brexit affect grant-funded projects?

08 Aug 2016

Grant-funded projects could be affected by Brexit.  In our fourth article in the series, here is what Kuits’ Commercial and Intellectual Property partner Martin Lewis thinks you should be looking at in preparation for potential changes.

• Context:

– Many R&D projects benefit from Horizon 2020 and similar EU grant funding

• Potential issues:

– Brexit could lead to existing EU funding programmes being pulled, or wound down

• Things to do now:

– Check existing R&D project timelines – will they exceed the expected Brexit timescales?
– Seek advice on the grant terms – is there any risk of past funding being clawed back?

• Things to watch out for in the future:

– Consider seeking alternatives sources of funding, possibly more UK-based?
– Monitor Brexit negotiations, as the continuity of past funding is likely to be a key issue for agreement between the UK and EU.

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