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Everything you need to know about Resolution

Everything you need to know about Resolution

3rd December 2021 - Published by Kuits Family team

Resolution is the largest national organisation of family lawyers and other family justice professionals. Those who join the organisation commit to working with families and individuals to resolve family law issues in a constructive way.

Members of Resolution are required to sign up to their code of practice and commit to a constructive and non-confrontational practice. Resolution’s mission statement is as follows:

  • Promoting and upholding the Code of Practice by setting and developing best practice standards.
  • Building a membership network of skilled and knowledgeable family justice professionals.
  • Influencing policy and improving the way that family justice is delivered.
  • Developing innovative ways of resolving family disputes.

Resolution’s commitment to influencing policy and improving the delivery of family justice has resulted in no-fault divorce becoming law. This is something Resolution members across England and Wales fought tirelessly for as part of the ‘#abetterway‘ campaign, on behalf of families going through the process of relationship breakdown.

How does Resolution affect me?

As a client with a family law issue, understandably you may wonder whether it makes any difference to you if your family lawyer is a member of Resolution or not.

  • The intention is that having a family lawyer who is a member of Resolution will assist you in managing your case and achieving an overall resolution in a way which is fair and sensitive to you, your former partner and your family unit as a whole.
  • By committing to approaching matters in a constructive way, your family lawyer should be ensuring your costs remain at a manageable level. Unconstructive and aggressive correspondence makes issues such as finances and child arrangements much more difficult to settle, thereby increasing your costs.
  • At such a difficult time in your life, you need and deserve advice which is level-headed, focussed on the outcome, and which allows you to vent your own feelings and frustrations but then filters any negative emotions prior to communications being sent to your former partner. Resolution members will not be a mouthpiece for anger and any solicitor who takes on your emotions as their own is not doing you any favours.
  • Resolution members are focussed on the future of your family. We know that to give you the best chance of maintaining a family unit, albeit of a different set-up, is to help you to manage your relationship in the immediate aftermath of a break-up and to keep communications as calm and sensitive as possible.
  • Resolution members can apply for accredited status in their specialist areas. The accreditation process is extremely thorough, so you know that a family lawyer who has been accredited by Resolution is truly an expert in that area of law.

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