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Four advantages of Private Fund Limited Partnerships

23 Jun 2017

On 6 April 2017, the Legislative Reform (Private Fund Limited Partnerships) Order 2017 came into effect, changing the law on limited partnerships in England and Wales by introducing a new category of limited partnership known as a ‘private fund limited partnership’ or ‘PFLP’. These changes will bring a number of advantages for investment funds traditionally […]


Insolvency Rules 2016: A Modern Era

27 Mar 2017

The new Insolvency Rules 2016 will come into force on 6 April 2017. In practice, the Rules should provide more efficiency, as they aim to modernise the insolvency procedures, resulting in reduced time and costs expended. The significant changes brought by the Rules include: Officeholder reports and remuneration The format and the contents of the […]


The Budget 2017 – what it means for businesses

10 Mar 2017

On Wednesday, Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Budget as Chancellor. The Budget is the last before the UK begins the formal Brexit process and is the last Spring Budget before it is moved permanently to the Autumn. The key points of the announcement which will be of importance to businesses included the following: Growth […]


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – what is it and what should you be doing to prepare? Part Two.

08 Mar 2017

Part 2 – Obligations on Data Controllers and Data Processors This is the second in our series of articles summarising the upcoming changes to be introduced by the GDPR. As mentioned in our previous article, the GDPR imposes specific new obligations on data processors (i.e. persons who process data) and also further obligations on data […]

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