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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

To speak to one of our intellectual property experts about protecting your product, brand and other assets, please contact us.

Protecting your intellectual property will enable you to stop others from making use of the name of your products or brands, or manufacturing copies of your products and goods, or reproducing copies of your images or anything written by you.

Rights can be asserted by way of registered trade marks, patents and registered designs, as well as rights that arise automatically such as copyright, unregistered design rights and passing off. We can also offer first-hand assistance in advising on registrability, the relevant time periods for applying for protection, and how disclosure of your design or invention could affect this.

Intellectual property is an important asset for all businesses, including start-ups. Many companies that fail to protect their assets early on, either because they are “hoping they won’t need it” or don’t understand the protection available, often regret it further down the line and find themselves in the middle of a more expensive court battle.

We are experts when it comes to intellectual property disputes in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. We work with clients from every sector, including media, retail, technology and leisure, and understand the importance of tailoring our advice to the specific needs of your business.

Intellectual property matters often include cross-border aspects. Our international alliance means that we are well placed to advise on how best to proceed if you require legal advice from a jurisdiction outside of England and Wales.


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