Specialist Tax Investigations

HMRC is under increasing pressure to collect in as much tax as possible. As a result, the number of tax investigations is increasing, as they adopt a significantly more aggressive approach in pursuing tax evaders. However, HMRC are also looking for cost-effective ways to collect tax on undisclosed assets.

Our specialist tax lawyers have many years of experience in advising clients when HM Revenue and Customs launch tax investigations. We can also provide tax advice when an individual wishes to approach HMRC to make a tax disclosure in relation to previously undeclared income or gains.

Through years of collective experience, our team understands how HMRC will deal with particular issues during a tax investigation and therefore know the best way to approach HMRC to make a tax disclosure. We know the most sensible tactics to adopt in order to seek to avoid any risk of prosecution and to achieve the best taxation result. Our aim is to produce a quick and efficient solution to your tax issues.

As a result, over the last five years, the firm has grown into one of the country’s leading law practices in advising clients on disclosure of undisclosed funds held in offshore jurisdictions. The team has advised over 350 clients in relation to the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) and continue to handle work on behalf of clients of a number of overseas banks.

In addition to its LDF work, the team has advised on UK-focused investigations by HMRC and international disclosures outside of the LDF. This has included defending investigations and challenging investigations believed to be unfounded. The team has featured on BBC television, as well as in a number of national and regional newspapers for their tax investigation work, and has presented on the subject at a number of international conferences.

We can advise you on:

  • Post-LDF investigations involving the Money Laundering Investigation Unit (MLIU)
  • Code 9 investigations
  • Tax scheme investigations, including film schemes
  • Offshore investigations and disclosures
  • Cases involving tax data theft
  • Criminal prosecutions

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