Advice for Insolvency Practitioners

Solicitors for Insolvency Practitioners

The restructuring and insolvency team can assist insolvency practitioners on all contentious and non-contentious issues that arise in their appointments, including:

  • Compliance with formalities associated with the appointment or appointments, and review of those documents to establish compliance;
  • Sale of the Company’s business and/or assets, including transfers of a going concern or disposals of real estate.
  • Investigation of misconduct by a company’s directors and officeholders, including pursuit of any claims that arise from the investigation where they are in the interests of the creditors of the company;
  • Work to recover any assets that have been misapplied or transferred out of the estate on the basis of antecedent transactions;
  • Compliance with the duties and obligations of an insolvency practitioner.

Directors – Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

We can assist with implementing turnaround strategies or placing the company into an appropriate insolvency process....

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