Data Protection: E-Privacy and Cookies

The unavoidable expansion of tech means almost all businesses have some form of online presence, use email marketing and/or use cookies or other electronic identifiers to track users. This area is rapidly evolving and will be a key focus for the ICO in the coming months/years. As such, our team of experienced and expert data protection specialists provide advisory services dedicated to e-privacy and cookies.

Why choose us?

If your business’ marketing and advertising lies predominately online, data protection law concerning e-privacy and cookies can pose a great obstacle to your success. In the face of this, our data protection specialists can help you to respond and relieve the pressures of data protection law to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage among competitors.

What sets our data protection team apart is our dedication to your company’s success. Not only are we dedicated to providing innovative solutions to your complex legal and commercial problems, but we take the time to understand your business from the ground up, establishing how we can advise you according to your needs and objectives. Many clients praise this unique approach, so far as calling us their most trusted advisors.

We are here to make a real difference to your company. The majority of our data protection specialists have experience of working in private practice and also in-house. This latter experience means that we have first-hand experience of the unique requirements of different sectors and how imperative it is for us to provide advice tailored to you.

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