Music Festivals Note

7th August 2023

As Glastonbury Festival 2023 comes to a close, the summer’s festival season is well under way in the UK. The weekend’s scenes of exceptional performances in the glorious sunshine may well inspire operators and events organisers to consider various types of outdoor events they might wish to put on this summer, or in summers to come.

Not all (or many!) outdoor events are on the scale of Glastonbury, but all such festivals, shows, concerts and performances need to be covered by the appropriate licensing permissions. These matters can be sensitive, especially if and when there are nearby residents likely to be impacted by noise.

Our Licensing Team have experience in acting for a wide variety of festival and show operators across the country. These sorts of events need to be carefully considered and planned, with extensive consultation undertaken with responsible authorities and other local stakeholders. We can advise you on the merits and prospects of success of any outdoor event proposal; guide you through the process from consultation to application to grant; and provide advice and assistance in preparing the various ancillary documents required, including bespoke Event Management Plans. 

We are able to assist with all types of external event proposals, whether you’re genuinely planning the next Glastonbury; looking to hold a one off concert; or just hoping to bring a little bit of added vibrancy to your public realm space.

The events and creative industry in the UK is ground-breaking and something to be genuinely proud of – we stage some of the best and most innovative festivals and performances in the world, as this weekend demonstrated. The team at Kuits are proud to advise many creative operators, and we are always keen to assist our clients with new and exciting ideas.

For advice in relation to your outdoor festival or event, contact the Licensing Team on 0161 838 7888.

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