Kuits celebrates Black History Month

11th October 2022

Kuits celebrates Black History Month

Kuits welcomed entrepreneur Carline Deal.

On Thursday 6th October, Manchester commercial law firm, Kuits Solicitors, welcomed entrepreneur Carline Deal to present to staff about her story, in celebration of Black History Month.

Carline, originally from the US gave staff an insight into her life, from starting her career in the military to now being Managing Director of Bonum iDeas and Founder of Trinity Yoga. She discussed her role models both in her personal life and career, as well as challenges that she had faced along the way and, having lived in the UK, US and central Europe, Carline demonstrated the differences in approach to Black History Month.

Carline Deal, Managing Director at Bonum iDeas, commented: “It was a pleasure sharing my life and career experiences in recognition of Black History Month to a warm reception at Kuits. Rather than focus on what the occasion is expected to mean, I had centred my talk on finding similarities in life and ambitions that we all share, on recognising the achievements of those before me and how we are more familiar than we have ever been, that we all can take pride in how far we’ve come. 

Kuits really has set the standard as to what defines a “conscious” employer.  The impact of having these conversations available to immediate and wider staff is palpable. It demonstrates a genuine custodian-style approach to the wellbeing and concerns of their employees and that of the management (Partners) in observing and hosting events such as this. I think it’s wonderful and sets an example for the future.”

Mark McKeating, Partner at Kuits and member of the EDI Committee, commented: “The firm has invested in its own EDI team to help promote a supportive and welcoming workplace environment in which employees of all backgrounds feel comfortable about bringing their true self to work. We believe that workplaces that are diverse are often more productive and have higher employee satisfaction. This is a long-term commitment by the firm to help recruit and retain talented people in the business. Carline’s event was warmly received by Kuits staff. The session was extremely engaging. Carline has a great story to tell and left the audience inspired by her ability to overcome whatever challenges life threw at her.  It’s already sparked a healthy discussion in relation to improving the representation of black lawyers in the legal profession.”  

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