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To speak to a member of our family team about your options with regard to divorce, please contact us.

We understand that the breakdown of a marriage can be a deeply emotional and stressful time.  Our advice is tailored to suit your legal and personal needs.  Our pragmatic approach ensures that your requirements and objectives are always taken care of.

We focus on helping you achieve an amicable resolution with the minimum of fuss.  When a conflict cannot be avoided, our family team will support you in achieving a fair outcome.  If you have children we will advise on how to minimise the effect your divorce has on them.

Our experienced team of family lawyers regularly deal with complex financial arrangements and international assets.  We will simplify the issues and technicalities and give you commercial advice that meets your needs and achieves the settlement you deserve.

Whatever stage your divorce has reached, there are always options available to you.  We will discuss the approach you wish to take and provide a service that suits your needs.


Our Resolution Membership

Kuits are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

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