Sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week

3rd February 2023

Sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week

6th – 12th February 2023 is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of sexual abuse and sexual violence and emphasise that it is never acceptable.

It is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on an often-hidden subject, reassure survivors that they will be listened to, and signpost mechanisms of support. If you have been affected by abuse or violence, ensure you speak to a trusted individual, legal professional or the police if you need to. Do not suffer in silence.

Here are a few ways in which you can protect yourself:

Support services if you are suffering from abuse

If you are worried that you or someone you know may be suffering from domestic abuse, the following organisations offer supportive and confidential advice:

Contact the Police

It is crucial that if you are in danger, you contact the police on 999. There is a Silent Solution System that enables a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to speak or make a noise to press 55 when prompted to inform the police that they are in a genuine emergency. You can respond to further questions by coughing or tapping on the handset.

If you feel able to, we also encourage you to report instances of domestic abuse to the police.

Non-Molestation orders and Occupation Orders

Survivors of abusive relationships may be able to obtain a non-molestation order and/or an occupation order in the family court, which restricts contact between the abusive partner and the victim and can remove an abusive partner from the home for the safety of the victim.

Kuits’ Family solicitors can help you to make these applications thereby preventing the abuser from:

  1. coming near you or your home,
  2. threatening you,
  3. harassing you
  4. or contacting you.

Non-molestation and occupation orders can also be obtained against other family members.

If the accused then breaches the Order, they will be committing a criminal offence.

If you wish to have a confidential discussion with a member of Kuits Family team, please contact us on 0161 832 3434.

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