Transfers, DPS Variations and Temporary Event Notices

Our experienced team of licensing solicitors are always on hand to assist you with the day-to-day running and administration of your business.

If you are lucky enough to take on a premises that is already licensed, we can deal with the transfer of the premises licence from the existing licence holder to you, whether you can obtain consent for this or not. We can also advise you on whether the licence is appropriate for your proposed operation, or whether you should consider any variation application.

Should your licence need transferring to a new entity, for whatever reason, we can act promptly to deal with this for you as well.

We understand that staff turnover can be high in the hospitality industry, and we lodge DPS Variation applications on a daily basis to ensure that you keep on top of this from a licensing perspective. The Designated Premises Supervisor plays a vital role as the individual in charge of the regular operation of your business. Should your DPS decide to leave, a new personal licence holder should be named before alcohol is sold under your licence. We realise that this could happen at any time, so we can respond by immediately lodging an application for you.

We also know that there are occasions when you may wish to trade slightly differently to how you do normally. For example, you may be planning a special event and want to be able to sell alcohol later than you are permitted under your licence. You might have hired out your premises for a private event and want under 18 year olds to be permitted entry at a time not normally allowed by your licence. You might event want to hold an event at a premises that doesn’t actually have a licence at all.

We can facilitate all of this for you, by lodging a Temporary Event Notice. We can tailor these applications to your needs and provide you with the flexibility that you need.

Q: How much notice should be given to the authorities when lodging a Temporary Event Notice?

A: It is always sensible to give as much notice as possible, especially if the event is slightly out of the ordinary.  However, a minimum of 10 clear working days’ notice is required for a ‘standard’ TEN, but subject to certain limitations, a ‘late’ TEN can be given with only 5 clear working days’ notice.

Q: How many TENs can an individual have each year?

A: A personal licence holder can apply for 50 TENs each year.  A non-personal licence holder can have 5. However, a premises can only host a maximum of 21 TENs in any year.

Q: How long does a TEN last?

A: Up to 168 hours, ie 7 days.

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