Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) Lawyers

The Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) is responsible for regulating the teaching profession in England, which includes investigating, and when needed, progressing allegations of serious teacher misconduct.

Previously managed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership, the TRA took over responsibility in April 2018 and has the task of handling claims of misconduct, and supporting employers, schools and head teachers with safeguarding. Where appropriate in cases of misconduct, the TRA will make calls for the teacher to be given a prohibition order – a lifetime teaching ban.

Our team of specialist employment lawyers can assist you in successfully defending a prohibition order. Our team understands that allegations of misconduct can not only be damaging to your career and future prospects, but also your personal life. Therefore, our team of specialist Employment Law advisors will work with you to develop a robust defence, whilst sensitively supporting you.

Our team is able to advise on all aspects, including:

– Advising at the beginning of the investigation so a clear strategy is created from the start
– Preparing and providing representation for any interim proceedings
– Responding to notices of referral and proceedings
– Preparing and providing representation before the TRA’s Professional Conduct Panel
– Appealing against decisions
– Applications for prohibition orders to be reversed

We have successfully defended a number of clients on TRA investigations, spanning a wide range of allegations. Our team are knowledgeable and will handle each case with care. If you would like more information on how our team of Employment Law advisors can advise you on your TRA investigation, please contact us.

Q & A

Q: What is an interim prohibition order?

A: An interim prohibition order prevents a person from teaching whilst the TRA proceeds with their investigation, allowing time for the case to be fully considered. These are used in serious allegations of misconduct.

Q: What is a professional conduct panel hearing?

A: Once the TRA has considered all evidence, they will make a decision on whether the case should proceed to a professional conduct panel hearing. The professional conduct panel hearing will make three decisions:

  • Is the panel satisfied that the facts of the case have been proved?
  • Has there been:
    • A) “Unacceptable professional conduct”;
    • B) “Conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute”; or
    • C) “Conviction, at any time of relevant offence”?
  • Is a prohibition order appropriate?

Once the panel has considered these key questions, they will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State on whether a prohibition order should be given to the teacher.

Our team can help you through the joint challenge of internal disciplinary procedures and TRA hearings in what may be one of the most challenging and difficult periods of a teacher’s career.

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