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ESG considerations: why is this important for your business?

29 Jul 2021

In this article, the Kuits Corporate team explain exactly what Environmental Social and Governance considerations are and why taking them into account can have a positive financial impact on your business.


Give me one good reason: the importance of establishing the grounds for dismissal

23 Jul 2021

Employment Senior Associate Claire Hollins discusses the importance of an employer establishing the grounds for dismissal of their employees.


Quick-fire Parental Responsibility decision making guide

21 Jul 2021

Family Senior Associate Madelaine Hailey has prepared a quick-fire guide to common parenting decisions and the circumstances in which you need to consult the other parent, inform them after the event, or neither.


Preventing discrimination in the workplace

20 Jul 2021

The Kuits Employment team considers what an employer can do to prevent discrimination from occurring in the workplace.

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