Navigating the financial realities of defending Employment Tribunal claims

14th August 2023

As with most litigation, there is no doubt that defending Employment Tribunal claims can be costly and time consuming and that is without any award of compensation being made.

The recent cases of Forstater v CGD Europe and others and Jhuti v Royal Mail demonstrate that employers can face significant compensatory awards in addition to their own costs. Ms Forstater was awarded £106,404.31 following the decision that she had suffered direct discrimination on the ground of belief (being her views on gender and sex) when she was not offered a new employment contract and her Visiting Fellowship was not renewed.  You can find out more about the case and the legal issues involved.  Ms Jhuti was awarded just over £2,300,000 in relation to pension loss. This followed on from an earlier remedies hearing where she was awarded over £100,000. To find out more about this long running case take a look at our previous article.

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