Good divorce week: Healthy social media use during a Divorce

29th November 2022

Good divorce week: Healthy social media use during a Divorce

Social media use is an everyday part of modern lives and the use of it during a divorce may be no exception. However, it should be used with great caution.

Divorce proceedings and social media alike, are a chance for some spouses to vent about their other half. Whilst the introduction of no-fault divorces is extremely positive,it removes the chance for some parties to place the blame of the marriage breakdown on their spouse. In turn, we may see even more people turn to social media to put their story across.

Tips to couples beginning a divorce:

Review your own social media as well as your spouse’s

This can be used as an indicator as to what to expect. It is very common that historical posts are brought up in evidence against a spouse.

Remember, nothing is ever truly deleted.

Don’t post online around acrimonious proceedings

It does not promote a positive view of yourself to the Judge and it may even kickstart civil proceedings against you.

Due to the usual short form nature of social media posts, tone and true meaning can be misconstrued.

It is much easier and cheaper to avoid posting anything online about your divorce. Ensure your divorce proceedings proceed as civilly as possible by avoiding the aggravating factor of social media.

Restrict interaction with each other on social media

Social media is used by some spouses to harass the other during a divorce. If it negatively impacts on a spouse to the extent that their health is affected for example, it will have a detrimental impact on the case.

Non-molestation orders, occupation orders, findings of fact and even police action against the ‘harasser’ can all be introduced and will affect the whole proceedings.

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