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Advice for Insolvency Practitioners

To speak to one of our expert insolvency and restructuring lawyers, please contact us.

Solicitors for Insolvency Practitioners

The restructuring and insolvency team can assist insolvency practitioners on all contentious and non-contentious issues that arise in their appointments, including:

  • Compliance with formalities associated with the appointment or appointments, and review of those documents to establish compliance;
  • Sale of the Company’s business and/or assets, including transfers of a going concern or disposals of real estate.
  • Investigation of misconduct by a company’s directors and officeholders, including pursuit of any claims that arise from the investigation where they are in the interests of the creditors of the company;
  • Work to recover any assets that have been misapplied or transferred out of the estate on the basis of antecedent transactions;
  • Compliance with the duties and obligations of an insolvency practitioner.

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