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Bridging Finance and Other Lending

To speak to an expert about bridging finance, please contact us.

In addition to acting for mainstream banks, we also act for a variety of other lenders.  These include challenger banks, bridging and short-term lenders, private lenders and other investors.

We have specialist expertise in property-based bridging lending. This extends to residential and commercial investment properties, together with development sites (including part-finished projects).

We advise on lending structures, conduct property due diligence, review contractual arrangements (including construction documents), and work with the valuer, the lender client and the borrower.

In line with the mainstream property finance work we carry out, we work hard to meet commercial deadlines and to provide advice in the context of the wider commercial backdrop for the benefit of all parties. This is particularly the case with bridging lending.

We have a wealth of experience in advising on less common forms of security, as well as sub-loan arrangements and forms of sub-security. We have also acted in connection with more recent investment structures related to peer-to-peer loans and investments, and in relation to private loans secured over assets.

In all cases, we have expertise in dealing with default and enforcement situations, and have advised lenders and other relevant professional advisors in connection with resolving those situations.


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