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To speak to one of our experts about a variation in an existing license, please contact us.


We understand that businesses in the licensed trade are ever-changing. It is this that makes the industry so vibrant and exciting. We are therefore well aware that your licence must adapt to fit your needs, and are always on hand to assist with any variations that may be necessary.

Whether you want to extend hours, add new licensable activities or refurbish your premises, we can advise you fully on what applications are necessary to ensure that your licence is accurate and up-to-date.

We meet with you to discuss your proposals, often on-site where they come to life best, and talk you through the best way to achieve your aims. We like our clients to contact us as soon as they consider a change to their operation, so that we can advise strategically on how best to progress this from a licensing perspective.

Whether we assisted with your initial licence application or not, we are happy to advise on full or minor variation applications as required.


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