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Sexual Entertainment Venue Licensing

To speak to a member of our team about obtaining or renewing a sexual entertainment licence, please contact us.

The legislation that governs the sexual entertainment industry has been overhauled in recent years to provide local authorities with significant scope for discretion. Licensing Authorities can determine whether they wish to permit any sexual entertainment venues within their area at all.

If they decide to permit this, operators are required to apply for a Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence. The application process, fees and timescales vary from local authority to another. However, ultimately, the Licensing Committee will then determine whether this application should be granted, taking into account any objections received.

Sexual Entertainment Venues can be controversial, with strongly held convictions on both sides of the argument. As such, applications need to be approached with care and following extensive preparation. Our solicitors act for many clients who operate sexual entertainment venues and are well aware of the complexities of such applications.

Due to their controversial nature, Sexual Entertainment Venue licences are not granted in perpetuity. They must be renewed at specified intervals, and are granted for a maximum of one year in all cases. As such, we have longstanding relationships with our clients who operate SEVs, as they require our advice and assistance on a regular basis to preserve their licences, and in turn preserve their businesses.


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