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If you have been served Review papers and would like to speak to an expert immediately, please contact us.

If your licence is reviewed, we understand that this can be an extremely worrying and stressful time. A Review application can result in conditions being added to your licence, activities or hours being restricted or, in the worst case scenario, your licence being revoked.

As such, it is important that you seek expert advice as soon as you are served with Review papers or, ideally, as soon as a Review is mentioned. There are various triggers that can indicate to an operator that their licence may be in jeopardy. If the police are repeatedly called out to your premises, or you receive regular noise complaints, this should set alarm bells ringing and you should take legal advice immediately. One isolated serious incident may result in a Summary Review, an expedited review process.

If anything of concern occurs at your premises, you should contact us immediately.

Our licensing solicitors are experienced in negotiating with responsible authorities to put in place creative solutions which avoid a Review being initiated. It is vitally important that operators are proactive and work co-operatively with responsible authorities, and we can guide you through this process.

Q: Do I need to be represented at a Review Hearing?

A: If the worst does happen, our licensing solicitors are experienced in defending licensed premises at Review and Summary Review hearings nationwide and have an impressive track record of success. We can work with you to present a compelling case to the Committee, which details why you should retain your licence and how you will work to ensure that further issues are not experienced as a result of your premises.


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