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Premises Licence Applications

If you are thinking about opening a licensed premises, or to speak to our experts about an existing licence, please contact us.

Our licensing solicitors lodge hundreds of premises licence applications annually with licensing authorities across England and Wales. As such, they have built up extensive knowledge of local policies, as well as long standing relationships with officers of responsible authorities.

This understanding is invaluable in tailoring applications around the authorities’ expectations, as well as your needs. We take time to talk to you and develop a full understanding of how you intend to operate and fight hard to obtain a licence which allows you to achieve your aims.

Increasingly, pre-application consultation with authorities is an essential part of the process, particularly if the premises is in an area subject to a Cumulative Impact Policy. We are experienced in conducting consultation meetings with licensing authorities, police and environmental health officers, and understand the delicate nature of these conversations. We are happy to guide you through every stage of the process, and assist you in conveying your vision to the authorities.

We then work with you to create a bespoke application that reflects the business that you want to carry out. We talk you through appropriate activities and hours, and discuss sensible licence conditions that both satisfy the authorities and protect your premises and your employees. Our applications always aim to provide the best possible licensing solution for your premises.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a premises licence?

A: It can vary.  However, obtaining a premises licence takes at least 4 weeks, to allow for the 28 day statutory consultation process to take place.  It can take a further 4 weeks for the matter to be listed for a hearing, if one is required, and so we always recommend setting aside at least 8-12 weeks to ensure that you have the necessary licence before commencing trade.


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