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Personal Licences

To speak to someone about obtaining or renewing a personal licence, please contact us.

Anyone who intends to act as the Designated Premises Supervisor at a licensed premises must be a personal licence holder. It is also often useful to have other personal licence holders on site as well, to provide cover.

In order to obtain a personal licence, you must take the Award for Personal Licence Holders course and pass the exam, obtain a criminal record check and then submit an application to your local licensing authority for a licence.

Our team can look after this entire process for you. We can arrange and book a course for you and, once you have passed your exam, can collate the information necessary, submit your disclosure check and submit the application on your behalf.

Q: Do personal licences expire or need renewing?

A: No, they do not expire and they do not need to be renewed.  When the legislation changed in 2005, personal licences originally had a lifespan of 10 years.  However, they now last indefinitely and don’t need renewing.  However it is important to keep the issuing authority up to date with any name or address changes or criminal convictions.

Q: How long does it take to get a personal licence?

A: It depends, but we would advise that you allow 4-6 weeks to enable you to sit the course, receive your results, obtain a criminal records check and then apply to the Council.


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