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To speak to an expert about appealing a licence or if your licence is being appealed, please contact us.

Decisions in respect of licensing applications, whether that be a new licence or a variation, are made at first instance by the Licensing Committee of the local authority.

However, an applicant, or indeed an objector, who is aggrieved by such a decision has the option of appealing it to the Magistrates Court. Our licensing solicitors regularly represent both those appealing decisions and those defending them. A huge amount of meticulous preparation is required in order to be successful at such hearings, and our solicitors can deal with each and every stage of the process.

Q: I have just had my premises licence application refused.  What should I do next?

A: You have 21 days from the date of the Committee’s decision to refuse the licence to appeal to the Magistrate’s Court.  Time is therefore of the essence and we can assist in advising on the prospects of success, and drafting and lodging the Notice of Appeal.


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