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Protecting Client Inventions

To speak to an expert in complete confidence about protecting your invention, please contact us.

It is important for inventors to fully protect their work in order for it to be exploited commercially, and for a business to protect the information it has created and owns.

When certain strategic plans are put in place, there is the risk of information relating to business plans, inventions and patents being leaked. This means that confidential information which should be held privately enters the public realm.

In circumstances like this, the possible damage caused to a business or an individual can be disastrous, as the element of confidentiality is lost and, in the case of an invention, this can prevent it from being registerable as a patent.

The intellectual property department has experience advising companies and individuals on how best to protect their confidential information and, in the event that such agreements or duties are breached, how best to remedy this.

You can avoid situations such as this by ensuring that information provided to third parties is done so under a non-disclosure agreement and that the implied duties of confidence are made clear in all negotiations.

As is the case with most legal issues, engaging with us early on will mean we can best protect your inventions and avoid more costly disputes later down the line.


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