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To speak to an expert lawyer about patenting your invention, please contact us.

Our patent lawyers have a proven track record and vast experience in this area of intellectual property law.

A patent is a registered right which confers a monopoly on the exploitation of an invention in exchange for the inventor making details of the invention public in the country or countries in which it is granted. The monopoly lasts for 20 years.

An invention is patentable if:

  • it is new;
  • comprises an inventive step; and
  • is capable of industrial application and is for a product or process included in the ambit of protection. There are complex provisions in respect of infringement and licensing.

Inventions cover most aspects of human endeavour and we advise on all patent types, including engineering, electronics, biotech and pharma.

We have considerable experience advising on and helping to develop and protect many pioneering ideas and inventions.



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