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Competition Law

If you believe a company to be undertaking anti-competitive activity, or if you have had a competition claim brought to you, please contact us to speak to an expert.

Companies, particularly large and dominant enterprises, must avoid doing anything classed as anti-competitive. Competition law sets out what practices would be deemed to be anti-competitive and the consequences of such activities.

Anti-competitive activities can present themselves in the dividing up of markets, bid rigging and discussing tenders and price fixing.

Competition can be a very complex area of law and we are one of the few firms in the North West that specialise in this area. We assist companies who believe there to be unfair dealings and trading, as well as companies wishing to defend such actions.

Our expertise extends to advising clients on a national scale, dealing with actions through the Court system and also progressing matters through Governmental Regulatory bodies, such as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

If you have experienced a situation where you believe there has been an anti-competitive arrangement, such as price fixing, our team will be able to provide legal advice and assistance.


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