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If you are considering surrogacy as an option and would like to speak to an expert, please contact us.

Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly amongst same-sex couples and those who are struggling to conceive.

Surrogacy in the UK is governed by a number of complex legal rules. Surrogacy arrangements are not enforceable in the UK courts, meaning that it is not possible to enter into a legally binding agreement with a surrogate. As a result, many couples are looking abroad to countries where commercial surrogacy is legal. International surrogacy arrangements are particularly complex and can be fraught with complications, including conflicts of law and immigration issues.

Given the complexity of surrogacy arrangements and the law that governs them, it is crucial that couples considering surrogacy seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity prior to embarking on their journey.

Our experienced team of family lawyers have taken couples through the entire international surrogacy process, from the first tentative steps towards beginning a family, to the successful application for Parental Orders. We understand how emotional and, at times, overwhelming your surrogacy journey can be and we will provide tailored advice to enable you to acquire full parental rights and responsibilities for your child. We will take you through the process in a supportive way, providing you with confidence and assurance when it matters the most.

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