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International Family Law

If you have a family issue with international aspects that you would like to speak to one of our expert about, please contact us.

Our family team are highly experienced in dealing with complex financial arrangements including those with an international element.  Our worldwide focus allows us to act quickly to secure the best international jurisdiction for divorce.  Our membership of TAGLaw (a global alliance of high quality independent law firms) affords us quick and easy access to legal advice from lawyers around the globe whenever we need it and we regularly work with lawyers from other jurisdictions so as to achieve the best results for our clients.

If your child issues have an international element, our family lawyers will work with you so that a resolution is reached as quickly and as sensitively as possible.  We understand that international considerations can add to the stress that accompanies separation and divorce.  Our family lawyers are extremely sensitive to this and will tailor their advice to ensure that your needs are met as swiftly as possible.


Our International Alliance

Kuits is a member of TAGLaw, a global alliance of high quality, independent law firms.

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