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Financial Injunctions

If your former partner has made a financial injunction against you, or you believe they are hiding or disposing of assets that could affect your divorce settlement, please contact us.

Some cases will involve taking urgent steps to prevent the disposal or hiding of assets that would form part of the divorce settlement.  Similarly urgent action may be needed to prevent the potential catastrophic consequences of such steps being taken against you or your business.

Our experienced team will guide you through each step of the process, whichever side of the financial injunction you may find yourself on, to ensure the minimum amount of disruption to you, your finances and your business.

We also have niche experience in obtaining injunctions to secure the privacy of our high profile clients, working closely with our IP and reputation management colleagues to ensure that you receive the discreet and tailored service necessary to in order that all of your individual needs are met within the context of family law proceedings.


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