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For peace of mind in relation to marital finances before, during or after divorce proceedings, please contact us.

When considering financial settlements on divorce, a number of factors are taken into account and the options for settlement are numerous.  Family law is a highly discretionary area of law, making choosing the right lawyer absolutely crucial.

Our experienced team of family lawyers regularly deal with complex financial arrangements and international assets.  We use our wide range of experience to ensure that our clients achieve financial settlements which meet their particular requirements, taking a holistic and commercial view of their needs and priorities.

We work extremely closely with our tax and trust lawyers and our corporate and property colleagues across the firm as required.  We are also able to call upon the niche expertise of our IP and reputation management team when acting on behalf of high profile clients.

We aim to avoid the costs, stress and where relevant, publicity, that comes with contested court proceedings and therefore, where appropriate, we will assist you in trying to reach a negotiated settlement.

We work closely with select barristers to ensure that when financial litigation becomes a necessity, you have a trusted team of experts on your side.


Q: How are finances split on divorce?

A: The law relating to the division of finances following a divorce can be complex.  The court’s primary consideration will be the welfare of any children under the age of 18 and thereafter there are numerous statutory factors that the court must consider when deciding how a family’s wealth should be divided.

Q: Is there a time limit to deal with finances after a divorce?

A: There is no time limit or statutory limitation period to deal with finances after a divorce.  It is therefore crucially important to address financial claims at the time your divorce is dealt with, even if it is agreed that no money will change hands.  The Decree Absolute in your divorce proceedings does not bring an end to your financial commitment to your former spouse, so taking timely advice is crucial to ensure security for your own future.

Q: Do the grounds for divorce affect the financial settlement?

A: In the vast majority of cases the reasons behind a marriage breakdown will have no bearing on the terms of the ultimate financial settlement.  However, in certain circumstances including extreme financial misconduct, the court may take behaviour into consideration – for this reason it is advisable to seek expert legal advice from an early stage of any relationship breakdown.


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