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Issues relating to children, such as living arrangements and relocation, may arise when parents separate. Such disputes are inevitably stressful and can become protracted. We believe that any such issues should be resolved as early and as amicably as possible for the benefit of all involved. It is important to consider the effects of a divorce or a family breakdown on any children and to work towards agreeing arrangements for them without recourse to the courts if at all possible.

We work together with parents, step-parents and grandparents to establish workable living arrangements for children. We also advise on matters of international relocation and financial arrangements. As members of Resolution, we promote a constructive approach to child disputes. Any resolution regarding arrangements for a child should focus on their best interests. We will be there to advise you every step of the way and provide solutions that are compassionate, appropriate and child-focused.

Specific child-related issues may sometimes have to be dealt with in court. In addition to advising and representing clients in respect of residence and contact arrangements for children (“child arrangement orders”), we also advise and represent parents in relation to court applications for Prohibited Steps Orders (e.g. to prevent one parent moving away with a child) and Specific Issue Orders (e.g. the change of a child’s surname, approval of medical treatment, education, religious upbringing, etc.). Each case is individual to us and is dealt with carefully and with sensitivity.


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