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Businesses on Divorce

To find out more about protecting your business from divorce, please contact us.

If you or your spouse own a business, it will be considered amongst all other assets when dealing with your financial settlement.

Divorce can result in serious damage to a business whether you are a sole proprietor, in partnership with others or run a limited company in which you hold a significant or majority shareholding.

Our family team specialise in negotiating equitable arrangements that avoid such damage and create as little disruption as possible.  We have extremely close links with top accountants and financial advisers who we can work with to ensure you secure the most appropriate outcome.

Due to the potential impact divorce can have on a business, we specialise in advising business owners on steps that can be taken to protect their business interests.  This could be by way of Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Post-Nuptial Agreement or company restructuring, all of which can avoid significant emotional and financial stress should a relationship break down.


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