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Joint Ventures

If you’re thinking about entering into a joint venture and would like to speak to one of our experts, please contact us.

Often our clients look to grow their businesses by collaborating with others. This could be to share the cost and risk of delivering a one-off project or to make a long-term move into a new business area with each party contributing capital and/or different assets, skills and services.

Joint ventures can be structured in many different ways, often driven by tax considerations. These might include:

  • Contractual profit sharing arrangements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Corporate joint ventures
  • Partnerships and LLPs

We will work closely with your tax advisers to establish the most appropriate and efficient joint venture structure for your needs. We will also work alongside our highly-experienced commercial and IP team to ensure any contracts and agreements support your aims.

We understand that while joint ventures are, by their nature, collaborative, your interests need to be protected – particularly if the venture doesn’t work out as you expect. Negotiating requires us to robustly address the key risk areas for you whilst ensuring the relationship between the parties remains positive and optimistic for the future operation of the venture.


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