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Buying a Business

If you are thinking of buying a business and would like to speak to an expert about your options, including funding, please contact us.

We specialise in helping our clients grow their businesses and work closely with them over the years to help them achieve that goal. Many growth strategies will include some element of merger or acquisition. This could be to allow clients to access new markets, add new product lines, increase their client base or, indeed, to diversify into an entirely new business area.

We focus on ensuring we understand your business and what the commercial drivers are in any transaction to ensure your strategic goals are met.

Specifically, we will work alongside you to:

  • Carry out focused and informative due diligence on targets, flagging up key risks
  • Discuss with you and fellow advisers the commercial basis for any deal and input based on our experience
  • Help to structure the deal in the most efficient way possible
  • Prepare the legal documents to ensure that they reflect the commercial deal you’ve struck, protect your key interests and mitigate risks
  • Negotiate with the seller’s advisers to ensure a smooth deal process and successful outcome.

About Us

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