#BBCpay: a legal perspective on today’s top story


#BBCpay: a legal perspective on today's top story

19 Jul 2017

Head of employment for Kuits, Kevin McKenna, offers insight into today’s top story concerning the salary information published in the BBC’s annual report and what this means for employers:

“Firstly, the salary information published in the BBC’s annual report should not be confused with an employer’s obligations relating to the Gender Pay Regulations. For a start, the regulations do not require the pay of named individuals to be published.

“However, over the coming months, we can expect many more employers to lay bare details of their pay and bonuses and the differential for men and women – and the press attention garnered by the BBC’s report will no doubt be cause for concern for some employers.

“We can also expect there to be some confusion – which is already evident in the reaction to the publication of the BBC’s data – about whether differences in pay amount to sex discrimination. The law on equal pay is a well-developed area and differences in pay do not, on their own, amount to unlawful discrimination.”

For further comment on the Gender Pay Regulations and how they relate to this story, or your business, please contact us or call 0161 838 7815.

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