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“Love Contracts”: can employers stop relationships at work?

06 Nov 2019

News that McDonald’s chief executive officer, Steve Easterbrook, has recently been fired following a consensual relationship with a colleague at work has provoked surprise amongst many in the media. McDonald’s said that he had violated their company policy on relationships at work, which led to a conflict of interest. This news comes off the back […]


HMRC tax investigations: why you should speak to a lawyer first

30 Oct 2019

The pressure on HMRC from the government to increase the number of criminal prosecutions for tax evasion is mounting. In 2010, the government gave HMRC £900m to combat non-compliance in the tax system; subsequently, the number of convictions from HMRC prosecutions increased by 93%. This has also led to a rise in the number of […]


When buybacks bite back

23 Oct 2019

The buying back of shares by a company from its shareholders is a commonly used mechanism to: Allow a shareholder to exit; or to return surplus cash to shareholders. What is a buyback? The process of a company giving cash to its shareholders in return for its shares, which are then cancelled. It is strictly […]


Shareholders’ agreements: Everything you need to know

05 Aug 2019

We understand that it can be a struggle to find time to get your company’s housekeeping straight. In particular, it’s not always obvious why it’s worth putting in place a shareholders’ agreement. If your company is a private company limited by shares, ensuring that all shareholders are happy from the outset with their protections and […]

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