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HMRC Inspections: My business is being targeted - what do I do?

10 Jul 2019

HMRC has established several taskforces to focus in on various tax evasion hotspots, which are yielding big returns for the tax authority. Why might my business be a target for a HMRC tax investigation? For some businesses, handling mainly cash transactions has made it easier for them to commit fraud by under-declaring their income. Such […]


Developers – Divide and Conquer!

06 Jun 2019

The housing crisis may in fact help developers solve the housing act! Confused – read on.   Historically, neighbours have relied on restrictive covenants to prohibit the subdivision of larger properties, but perhaps, not for much longer.   S610 Housing Act 1985 provides scope for challenging restrictions that prevent the conversion of larger units into […]


The buck stops with you...or does it?

14 May 2019

A company is a distinct legal personality, but there are circumstances where directors (the decision-makers) and shareholders (the owners) of companies can be held personally liable for the actions of a company, such as when they act outside of their authority or don’t follow the rules, a few examples of which are set out below: […]


Why ‘common law marriage’ is a myth

03 May 2019

The number of unmarried couples living together in the UK is the fastest growing family-type. In a survey carried out by Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers, it was found that two-thirds of cohabiting couples were under the misconception that ‘common law marriage’ exists when separating their finances upon the breakdown of the relationship. […]

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