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MC Tunes: Kuits success in royalties claim

29 May 2013

Manchester law firm Kuits Solicitors has recovered unpaid royalties for Manchester based artist Nicholas Lockett aka ‘MC Tunes’ from Universal publishing and the royalty collection societies.

In 1998 FatBoy Slim released the song ‘Gangster Tripping’ which featured MC Tunes vocals sampled from the Dust Junkys song ‘Rinse (BeatBox Wash)’. ‘Gangster Tripping’ went on to chart at Number 3 in the UK Singles Chart and have success worldwide.

FatBoy Slim’s album ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ on which the song featured also reached Number 1 in the UK Album Charts. However, following this success MC Tunes was not paid any royalties by Universal or the royalty collection societies.

Rudi Kidd, entertainment and media consultant at Kuits began to investigate MC Tunes’ income streams from agreements he had signed and traced royalties due to him as a result. Rudi said:

“This is a common problem in the music industry where artists and songwriters lose contact with their record company, publisher and the collection societies. The problem arises in re-establishing contact with them in order to trace unpaid income.”
MC Tunes played a significant role in the Manchester / MADchester music scene during the 1980s and 1990s fronting 808 State and later the Dust Junkys.

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