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Kuits helps secure future of independent Manchester arts venue

10 Feb 2017

Kuits has helped secure the future of celebrated Manchester arts and music venue, Islington Mill.

A Kuits team, led by head of licensing Tony Lyons, defeated a Licence Review Application brought by local residents and the Environmental Health Department, which sought to restrict the 24/7 licence of the venue.

In a lengthy hearing, Salford City Council granted Islington Mill a continuation of its premises licence, agreeing to a number of new conditions regarding the use of outdoor spaces and how people enter and leave the building.

The space is renowned for its flagship events, Sounds from the Other City and Fat Out Fest, as well as its ongoing programme of unique events that continue to support thousands of artists each year.

The council received over 300 letters in support of the licence renewal.

Bill Campbell, founder of Islington Mill, said: “I have always believed in the freedom of artists to push forward new ideas, connections and possibilities. I am deeply touched and thankful for all the letters of support that show just how much the work that we have been doing for over 20 years now is understood and appreciated by so many people. We now look forward to moving forward and making even more possibilities for creative people happen in Salford and beyond.”

Rebecca Ingram, licensing solicitor for Kuits, said: “The decision reflects the councils understanding of what Islington Mill brings to the local community, and should offer renewed confidence for independent venues across Manchester and the wider region. It was both a delight and a privilege to have been able to use our expertise to help make this decision a reality for Islington Mill’s directors and supporters.”


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