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Kuits advises on licence for new BrewDog concept

05 Jan 2018

Manchester commercial law firm Kuits has been successful in obtaining a licence for Brewdog’s new Hopworks concept in London.

The licence will allow the Scottish bar chain and brewery to develop Hopworks, which will be a hybrid between bar use, food, retail and an educational facility.

Head of Licensing at Kuits, Anthony Lyons, led the team who showcased to the Islington Council Licensing Committee that this unique style of operation would not add to the cumulative impact experienced in the area.

The key focus of the premises will be the installation of several small home brew kits which will allow customers to make and learn about beer in a controlled and professional environment and also attend classes to learn about all aspects of beer making.

The site will host events to showcase local brewers, giving them a platform to share their knowledge and experience. It will also house a retail unit, selling home brew ingredients and a selection of locally produced craft beers, as well as rare beers from around the world.

There will also be a bar on the premises, selling BrewDog and other beers, and will offer a full menu of stone baked pizzas made using brewers’ yeast.

Anthony Lyons said: “This is a truly exceptional grant for BrewDog bringing together key elements of their unique educational Hopworks brewing experience, an off licence, a bar and food.

“Although the premises is located in one of Islington’s Cumulative Impact Zones and faced fierce opposition from local objectors, I believe the Licensing Committee were persuaded Hopworks is both interesting and different and as such fits with their Statement of Licensing Policy.

“I wish BrewDog the best of luck with the concept as they continue to expand and innovate.”

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