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Kuits advises on Coronation Street fraud trial storyline

20 Nov 2018

Manchester commercial law firm Kuits are advising Coronation Street on a major ongoing story.

The firm’s specialist regulatory and business crime lawyer consultant Wendi Bussin has been working closely with producers of the soap on a key plot development, that of character Sally Metcalfe, who was recently arrested for fraud, bribery and money laundering.

Wendi has advised on many aspects of the plot since Sally’s arrest, including the procedure of the denial of bail, the subsequent imprisonment of the popular character and all of the court proceedings including the trial which begins on screen this Wednesday (November 21).

Using over two decades experience of tax fraud defence work Wendi has been helping to ensure the script is as accurate and authentic to real life legalities as possible.

Kuits has been supporting the long-running soap for a number of years and has resulted in the development of a strong and trusted relationship between the firm and Coronation Street producers and researchers.

Wendi Bussin, said: “Coronation Street continue to deliver hard-hitting storylines that aren’t afraid to address criminal and fraudulent issues that can affect everyday lives.

“Due to the technicalities and complexities of criminal law advising on this storyline and translating it for purposes of dramatic television was an extremely rewarding challenge of our expertise.”

A spokesperson for Coronation Street said: “It’s always important to make sure legal storylines are portrayed accurately and we thank Kuits for the assistance they’ve given us.”

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