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Swaps Compensation – Time is running out!

Swaps Compensation – Time is running out!

17 Mar 2015

We have successfully recovered significant amounts of redress compensation for many of our clients in relation to interest rate hedging products, mis-sold to them by various banks.  As you may be aware such a mis-sale can be reviewed within the Financial Conduct Authorities (‘FCA’) Interest Rate Hedging Product Redress Scheme (‘IRHP Scheme’).

The FCA is now looking to wind down the Scheme.  The last date to register with the scheme is 31 March 2015.

To protect your position we strongly recommend that if you wish to lodge a complaint within the Scheme that you take steps to ensure that you contact us before 31 March 2015 so we can ensure your chances of receiving significant compensation are not lost.

We are currently acting on behalf of a number of clients who are still awaiting the banks’ determination as to their compensation although we expect that compensation will be received.

If you have not yet contacted us about your IRHP you must do so as a matter of urgency if you don’t want to miss out on successfully recovering in some cases, hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There will still be options to complain after this deadline however we can offer no guarantees as to the effectiveness of such options of whether they would offer the same level of redress as the IRHP Scheme.  The key point is therefore to contact us in advance of 31 March 2015, so we can opt you into the Scheme to obtain compensation from the relevant bank(s).

For further information and to seek compensation contact Andrew Weinberg on 0161 838 7807 or andrewweinberg@kuits.com.

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