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New methods introduced to keep planning moving

New methods introduced to keep planning moving

3rd April 2020 - Published by the Kuits planning team

Whilst many construction sites have closed due to the lockdown, developers can still ensure they keep upcoming projects on track by starting lengthy planning processes for new developments now and continuing to lodge planning applications.

During the current pandemic, Local Planning Authorities (LPA) are looking at innovative ways to keep the planning system flowing.

They are, in some cases, implementing modified schemes of delegation to officers and, in other cases, planning to hold committee meetings by video link. It is highly likely that most LPAs will use a combination of these to alleviate any blockages and keep decision-making moving.

There are certain parts of the planning process which are currently not possible such as site visits, but LPAs are working on solutions to these issues. The possible solutions are changing at pace, so please speak to us for the latest information.

Planning decisions are likely to take longer than before the current crisis, but decisions are still being taken and permissions issued. Also, legal agreements, such as section 106s for instance, can still be negotiated as council legal teams are still functioning.

Scotland has acted to extend the life of all planning permissions and it is highly likely that England will follow. It is also worth noting that during the 2008 financial crisis a new method of varying section 106s was temporarily introduced.

The Kuits planning team is actively involved in progressing a number of planning agreements and providing strategic advice to a broad range of clients. We are up-to-date with all the current changes and are able to provide advice on all aspects of the planning process.

The Kuits planning and commercial property teams are here to provide trusted expert advice on all aspects of your property planning. To talk about your options please contact us at 0161 838 7875 or online here.

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