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Lying spouses fall foul to the Supreme Court

Lying spouses fall foul to the Supreme Court

14 Oct 2015

The Supreme Court has today ruled that the cases of Mrs Gohil and Mrs Sharland may be reopened. The matters were heard together back in June, however the long-awaited judgement was delivered today. Both women argued that their financial claims should be re-analysed due to the fact their ex-husbands had been dishonest about their finances when the settlements were agreed.

At the time of her divorce, Mrs Sharland had accepted £10million in cash from her ex-husband, believing that the value of his business was between £31 million and £47million. She later came to learn that his company had been valued at almost £620million.

Mrs Gohil’s original order had been created at a Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing in 2004, where she had accepted £270,000 and the family car. In 2006, she was given leave to have the order overturned after it became apparent Mr Gohil had provided the court with inaccurate financial information. However, this was postponed due to an investigation into Mr Gohil’s criminal investigation, which in turn led to him being found guilty of fraud and money laundering in 2010. Additional information regarding Mr Gohil’s intentional non-disclosure during the financial proceedings was brought to light during his criminal trial.

Mrs Sharland today said that she hoped the Supreme Court’s decision sends out the message to everyone going through divorce that they cannot lie in the family courts and get away with it.

Commenting on the ruling, Kuits’ Family team say: “This decision should act as deterrent for all those who think it is acceptable to lie to their ex-spouses and the court.”

Link to Sharland judgement:

Link to Gohil judgement:

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