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Licensing and DPS changes

Licensing and DPS changes

20th December 2021 - Published by

With Omicron COVID-19 cases rapidly on the rise, premises that require a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) should think about contingency planning to ensure they have the position filled in case they are notified of illness at short notice. The good news is that a DPS change is effective immediately once applied for. We would suggest that operators:

  • Identify at least one other person, possibly two, depending on your business, who are qualified and willing to become the DPS if required, at short notice
  • Ask them to sign the relevant consent documentation in advance
  • Have the remaining DPS variation paperwork drawn up in advance, ready for dating and naming the new DPS
  • Check they know the process for submitting a DPS variation request and don’t forget to provide the fee
  • Always check with the proposed DPS immediately before sending in an application, just to ensure they are still available to take on the role and so they are aware of the transfer of responsibility.

Hopefully all staff will remain well, but there is no harm getting your ducks in a row during these unpredictable times.

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