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Leasehold Enfranchisement Reform

Leasehold Enfranchisement Reform

9th January 2020 - Published by

The Law Commission today presents the government with three options for reforming the process enabling leaseholders to buy or extend their lease a year after receiving hundreds of responses to their consultation.  The government asked the Law Commission to review enfranchisement law to and to provide options to reduce the premium payable for leaseholders to enfranchise their homes, while ensuring landlords are sufficiently compensated. Each is based on a different assumption about the market in which the landlord’s interest is valued.  Details of the Report and a Summary of the Report can be found here. The commission says it does not hold views on which scheme and other reform options to adopt but is ready to help the government in implementing whichever scheme they choose.  The Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has confirmed he will be considering the proposals and setting out the government’s preferred way forward in due course.

Further recommendations around enfranchisement and other leasehold issues will be published later this year.

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